another year come and gone


It has been an exquisite year full of immense learnings and beautiful changes. I’ve learned to love and accept love in return. I’ve learned how to stand up for myself and to speak up when necessary. I’m learning to love myself the way I am, regardless of my perceived imperfections. I’m learning how to be me.

I found my very best friend; someone who accepts me for me and who loves me despite my constant attempts to annoy him. Life has been so much more colorful with him in it and I’m thankful to be walking side by side with him on this earth.

I’ve learned that I am indeed, NOT allergic to cats and that I’ve been lying to myself for virtually my whole life. I now share my home with a spunky little gray fur ball who loves to nibble on my toes every morning at 4am on the dot. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

At the end of summer I got my first root canal and am now the proud owner of a porcelain molar. Around the same time, I moved in with my best friend and finally felt at home for the first time in over a year.

I’ve had to say many goodbyes, but I’ve also been blessed with many hellos. I’ve made impulsive decisions that later led to miracles in disguise. Although my life isn’t perfect (whose is?), it’s happy and peaceful. As I reflect back, I’m reminded once again how everything happens for a reason; how everything is connected and how the Universe really does have our backs.

2014 has been the year where I’ve finally come into my own, a year where I’ve finally truly realized that what other people think, doesn’t matter. What matters is laughter and love. Friendship and family (including our fur babies). Being true to your spirit. Kindness, gratitude and prayer. And whatever else it is that makes your heart smile.

Here’s to hoping that 2015 brings all of this and more. 🙂


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